connecting you with manufacturing leaders, and new growth opportunities.

Members of St Louis Makes have many beneficial opportunities to learn new ways to enhance manufacturing productivity and efficiencies. But it’s the connections with other professionals in manufacturing that give you the unique opportunity to meet like-minded professionals to help you solve you biggest challenges. It could be anything from new way to handle implement process improvements to finding solutions to employment shortfalls and new sales channels. You connect with all these manufacturing opportunities because we connect you with other manufactures who understand exactly what you’re facing.


Members of St Louis Makes are diversified and leading innovators. They're here to help others like you achieve new growth opportunities and offer guidance to solve your biggest obstacles in manufacturing.


Through knowledge sharing, our valued partner turn our ideas into reality, expand development opportunities, provide strategic thinking as well as foster collaboration between members.
"St Louis Makes has been instrumental in helping us network within the St. Louis manufacturing community as we increase our U.S. presence."
President, GWR Safety Systems