The State of Manufacturing Project

About the Project

St Louis Makes is a manufacturing focused nonprofit organization that exists to promote best practices in new product innovation, product management and business development. We are devoted to independent analysis and innovative solutions which result in sales and profit growth opportunities for the St Louis region’s middle market manufacturing sector. We serve our community by delivering education and training opportunities, networking and learning events and market analysis to help manufacturers grow sales and profitability.


Our primary target is small manufacturing companies that are cash flow positive and seeking to achieve double digit sales growth. Our secondary target is makers and inventors who are committed to commercializing scalable innovations. We are open to product type, age of company, raw materials used, etc. and we work equally well with aerospace manufacturers as we do with food and consumer products manufacturers plus a wide variety of other producers.


The St Louis Makes community is a populist movement of small manufacturers and manufacturing enthusiasts that spans a range of related interests from entrepreneurs through factory owners. We are an open community and many of our programs are free, however we do not target hobbyists: we are solely interested in commercializing scalable innovation. We also work with entrepreneurs and other manufactured goods innovators that are well positioned for scalable sales growth.


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Manufacturing is a great economic driver. St. Louis Makes provides opportunity for our region to capitalize on existing resources and provide emerging products the support and resources to grow exponentially.

Kris Welhart • Managing Partner

STROCO Manufacturing

St Louis Makes is our manufacturing help desk. Their relationships, resources and passion for innovation provide a unique platform that has positioned Scoville & Company for success.

Anson Scoville • Co-founder

Scoville & Company

St Louis Makes has been instrumental in helping us network within the St. Louis manufacturing community as we increase our U.S. presence.

Ted Gast • President

GWR Safety Sysyems

We were able to reach new audiences with the support of St. Louis Makes. They are the only one in our industry focused on growing our manufacturing community.

John Salazzo • Director of Marketing

Craftsmen Industries

Sapphire Bakery hosted a factory tour for St Louis Makes. Participant questions were excellent. It was fantastic community outreach for us and we appreciated the opportunity to showcase our facility

Steven Scaff • Co-founder

Sapphire Bakery

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