Locally made success.

How can we change the status quo? By growing the region’s best innovation cluster. Through caliber research of the local sector. By delivering the St. Louis region the deepest knowledge of their manufacturing base.

Consider This

The St Louis metropolitan area has 6,500 manufacturing locations, the majority of which are privately owned middle-market companies. What if we identified the top 150 most innovative small manufacturers in St Louis? Let’s say the average revenue was ~$5 million per firm, which for the group of 150 firms would be total revenue of $¾ billion.   If we focused on developing best practices in new product innovation and business development and were able to help just 150 manufacturing companies grow by 20% then we would add $150 million to the region’s manufacturing economy. Manufacturing jobs have a high multiplier; for each new manufacturing job created, an additional 0.48 jobs are created in support.   Understanding that revenue per job varies widely depending on subsector and efficiencies, if we nonetheless used a $200k/job metric to calculate new job creation (which would be 750 new jobs created) and then multiplied that number by our 1.48 multiplier we would not only add $150 million to the region’s manufacturing economy but we would create an incremental 1,110 net new manufacturing jobs or in other words enough to support an entire North County St Louis suburb. Join the movement. Help us. Volunteer.

St. Louis Makes 100

Our research is helping us identify the top 100 most innovative middle-market manufacturing companies in the St Louis region. Do you have what it takes? Contact us and let us know why, what are you working on that makes you unique? It doesn’t cost anything to apply and if you make it you will become a part of the St Louis Makes manufacturing story that we actively promote to the press, media and prospective new customers. Email us and let’s learn more about why you are the best at what you do: info@stlouismakes.org

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