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St. Louis businesses have long had a reputation for helping each other out. Now more than ever before, we need to pull together to share our knowledge and resources to continue to build our manufacturing community.

Welcome to Needs and Leads for St. Louis Manufacturers, an online forum where manufacturers can post requests for assistance with talent, manufactured or raw materials, or general business advice.

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Resource to help area companies to get back on their feet  

New Member

We are a 501c3 maker space. We are looking to help companies where we can.

I think we can help with automation systems. From small raspberry pi/arduino projects to larger industrial control systems, also, RPA/ UiPath for office systems - including the engineering departments.

As the manufacturing community gets back running, we think that there may be a need for remote monitoring/ telepresence as well as augmenting employees' capabilities while on site or when they are remote.

Posted : 28/03/2020 3:35 pm

Thanks to Spoke Marketing we are creating a free website to directly connect these resources. St Louis Makes is also able to create this opportunity because of sponsor funding we received from Schmersahl Treloar & Co., and Enterprise Bank & Trust.


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